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A Great Mistake

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Kurzspielfilm | 2010 | Lehrfilm | Großbritannien


DrehorteLondon (Nov 2009 & Jan 2010)


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“A Great Mistake” is told in five different film genres, each focusing on certain cinematic techniques. The plot: Greg makes a fatal mistake, which leads to a chain of unlucky events: Josh turns into a zombie, Maya goes missing and Greg becomes the police’s prime suspect for her disappearance. Fortunately, Greg meets his time travelling ancestor H.G. Wells, who might just be able to help him correct his slip-up.
Premiere: 12 May 2010 - Short Film Corner (Festival de Cannes)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
James DeaconGreg [HR]
Tim DownieH.G. Wells [NR]
Taurean GarrickD.C.I. Marble [NR]
Daniel GoslingSickly Zombie Man [NR]
Lawrence SheldonP.C. Smith [NR]
James SimmonsD.C.I. Holmes [NR]
Anna StokesLab Tech [NR]
Tosh Wanogho-MaudJosh [NR]
Katie Marie WarsopMaya [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorAbner Pastoll
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorin Gerlind Becker
KameraKameramann/DoPAlan Stewart
KameraSteadicam OperatorJerry Noh
Kamera1. KameraassistentinSarah Rollason
Kamera2. KameraassistentAlex Teale
KameraStandfotografSunghee Jin
KameraKamerapraktikantinClaire Pie
KamerabühneKamerabühneNick Ray
KamerabühneKamerabühnenassistentJames Ray


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