Kinospielfilm | 2005 | Drama, Romantik | Frankreich



    30-something Jo is a busy casting director. She enjoys her job, does everything she can to please everyone, but ends up by pleasing no one. Her love life is a disaster because she is too good natured and fails to see the bad side of anyone. As a result of her kindness, she finds herself evicted from her apartment by a homeless squatter claiming political asylum. It is at this crucial juncture that she meets Bernard, the likeable owner of a pet crematorium. For him, it is love at first sight; for her it is "here we go again". Jo is soon occupied with casting for a big American movie. The problem is not her work but a director with a well-developed libido...
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Clovis CornillacBernard Dimanche [HR]
    Alexandra LamyJoséphine Messner [HR]
    Xarkos AtaktosGothik-Rocker [NR]
    Rastko JankovicEmil [NR]
    Juliette RoudetLucille [NR]
    Jerry RudesRiley [NR]
    BesetzungCasting DirectorEmmanuelle Bourcy
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautorinJeanne Biras
    KameraKameramann/DoPJean-Marc Bouzou
    MusikKomponistNicolas Errèra
    Production Design / SzenenbildSzenenbildnerOlivier Seiler
    RegieRegisseurinJeanne Biras
    SchnittEditorYves Beloniak


    EuropaCorp [fr]