Kinospielfilm | 2008 | Action, Drama, Thriller | Russland, Schweden




    In an age where media is more vast and more immediate than ever imaginable, Newsmakers takes the term "media war" to the next level. When the police botch catching a gang of robbers and it's all caught on camera, the public confidence in the police drops to an all-time low. To give the force an image transformation, PR director Katya proposes creating a reality show around the search-and-destroy mission to catch the gang. The special police force rescue effort backfires, but Katya manipulates the footage to make it seem like a victory. When the leader of the gang sees this phony "news" on TV, he begins to broadcast, via Web cam, what is actually happening. This is when the real war begins.
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Aleksei FrandettiOrda [NR]
    Maksim KonovalovKley [NR]
    Mariya MashkovaKatya [NR]
    Andrei MerzlikinSmirnov [NR]
    Yevgeni TsyganovHerman [NR]
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautorSam Klebanov
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautorAleksandr Lungin
    KameraKameramann/DoPChris Maris
    MusikKomponistAnthony Lledo
    Production Design / SzenenbildSzenenbildnerGrigori Pushkin
    RegieRegisseurAnders Banke
    SchnittEditorFredrik Morheden