Kinospielfilm | 2009 | Drama | USA





    Eight people unknowingly form a circle –
    either through a friendship, attempted love, or brief sexual
    encounter. One of those in the circle is an actress, Julia Korsett,
    who thinks she’s found her big break in her career when she lands the
    role of Anya, the daughter of a Russian arms dealer. The director of
    the film has some radical theories on directing and believes that
    Julia, instead of relying on lines and a script, must become Anya. She
    must learn how to negotiate with hit men, handle a gun and enter into
    the mind of a criminal. The director is more concerned with his own
    sexual satisfaction than his theories, however, and even though Julia
    sleeps with him, he ends up recasting Julia for a younger actress.
    Summertime tells how Julia gets this role back, not by convincing the
    director that she is the better actress, but by becoming Anya.
    KameraKameramann/DoPAndreas Thalhammer
    KameraKameramann/DoPXiaoSu Han
    KameraStandfotografin Bettina Enigl
    RegieRegisseurMax Weissberg


    Luftmensch Films [us]