E.P.I.L.E.P.S.Y | © Alexander Vittorio Papsch, MA
Kurzspielfilm | 2007


    E.P.I.L.E.P.S.Y was made out of 16mm found footage. No frame is like the other and more than 1000 cuts are in this short movie. You brain will not even recognise the fast changes of this pictures. An embassy is hidden between the frames. Because of the fast changes this Film brings the technique to digitise it to its limit. Your subconscious will see much more than you think to see. That is nothing for epileptic people. A one minute version is sent in to the `The One Minute Festival` in Beijing and Brussels. (c) Alexander Vittorio Papsch
    RegieRegisseur Alexander Vittorio Papsch-MusikarMontage
    SchnittAvid Operator Alexander Vittorio Papsch-Musikar
     Alexander Vittorio Papsch-Musikar2007Intern. Amsterdam Film Festival [nl]Best Art Filmgewonnen
     Alexander Vittorio Papsch-Musikar2007Goldener Delfin [at]Student&Semipronominiert