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    Documentario cinematografico | 2018-2019 | Francia

    Informazioni principali

    Data delle riprese

    Location delle ripreseIsrael
    Regioni in cui si sono svolte le ripreseFrancia

    Informazioni complementari

    Sostegno finanziario
    Durata del film106'
    Aspect ratioWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
    Formato del suonoDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 channels)



    Filmed in Yiddish, M is a journey to the heart of Bnei Brak, world capital of the Haredim, the ultra-Orthodox Jews, “God-fearing” in Hebrew. This is where Menahem Lang grew up. He was known for his kindness, his commitment to Talmud school and especially his golden voice, which made him a renowned performer of liturgical chants. At the age of twenty, however, he broke with this pious life and moves to Tel Aviv, for the child with the bright smile was hiding a secret: for years, he was raped by members of the community that worshipped him. Menahem succeeds in opening the door to this forbidden world. This return to the scene of the crime is also a return to the places he loved, a path of initiation sprinkled with incredible encounters, recovered rituals, a reconciliation. As though drawn towards a magnet, those who experienced the same ordeal as him reveal themselves and dare to speak, driving away the haunting of the “galgal”, the vicious circle that has transformed victims of rape into rapists since the dawn of time.



    InterpretiNome personaggioDoppiaggio / SpeakerDoppiaggio / Voce narrante
    Menahem LangHimself [RP]


    ColoristYov Moor
    Direttrice della fotografiaYolande Zauberman
    MontatoreRaphaël Lefèvre
    ProduttoreCharles Gillibert
    CG Cinéma
    CG Cinéma
    Co-produttoreFabrice Bigio
    Phobics Films
    Phobics Films
    Co-produttriceYolande Zauberman
    Phobics Films
    Phobics Films
    RegistaYolande Zauberman
    SceneggiatriceYolande Zauberman
    Fonico di presa direttaSélim Nassib
    Fonico di mixXavier Thieulin
    Montatore del suonoXavier Thieulin
    Montatore del suonoPhilippe Deschamps

    Società di produzione

    CG Cinéma [fr]
    Phobics Films [fr]

    Società di distribuzione

    Indie Sales [fr]
    World Sales
    World Sales
    New Story [fr]
    Distribution France
    Distribution France


    Yolande Zauberman2018Locarno Festival [ch]
    Concorso Internazionale
    Concorso InternazionaleNomination
    Yolande Zauberman2018Filmfest Hamburg [de]
    Lobende Erwähnung - Sichtwechsel Filmpreis
    Lobende Erwähnung - Sichtwechsel FilmpreisPremio ricevuto


    TipoPaeseEmittenteData / OraCommento
    ReplicaFranciaCiné+ [fr]lunedì, 27/07/2020 ore 20:50Ciné+ Club

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