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Lili | ©Haka Films
©Haka Films


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    Documentario | 2018-2023 | Canal+ [pl] | Bambini, Di formazione (Coming of Age), Docu, Relazioni | Polonia

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    Budget191 000 Euro
    Sostegno finanziario
    Durata del film72 min


    A heartwarming story about a precautious, 8‑year‑old girl exploring the world with her globetrotting father and growing up in an unconventional family. It is Lili’s 8th birthday. Her friends and parents gather around her when a birthday cake arrives. Lili is about to blow out the candles. What will be her wish? Lili introduces her story in her very own, charming and sincere way. She shares the story of her parents, who met when her dad, Tomek, a globetrotter with a talent for finding trouble, returned from South America. Becoming a father changed his perspective and the family decided to leave Poland and move to Norway. Lili’s parents live separately now with their new partners and their children from previous marriages. The girl’s story comes to the most important point: traveling with her dad. Guided by his motto ‘a happy dad is a good dad’, Tomek continues to discover the world together with Lili. They invite the viewers to join their unusual hitchhiking trips. The tireless travelers walk the mountains, sleep under an open sky, meet new and interesting people. For them, traveling is not only the source of their adventures, but also a time for building and deepening their relationship. In addition to travel, our protagonists face everyday life back at home, which is often more difficult than their expeditions. Lili eagerly dispels her doubts about life and the world by asking all kinds of questions to her dad. New questions and doubts arise when her mother tells her about her pregnancy and a little baby girl that they will soon welcome. Preparing for the role of an older sister will be a completely new challenge for the young protagonist.


    Direttore della fotografiaFilip Madej
    Direttore della fotografiaWojciech Ratajczak
    MontatoreKrzysztof Komander
    MontatriceKarolina Maciejewska
    CompositoreMateusz Sarapata
    Compositore·triceMichał Sarapata
    ProduttriceKatarzyna Kuczyńska
    ProduttoreTomasz Morawski
    Co-produttriceKatarzyna Kostecka
    Co-produttriceRosak Sylwia
    RegistaRosak Sylwia

    Società di produzione

    Haka Films Sp. z o.o.
    Canal+ [pl]
    Lekko [pl]


    2024Stati UnitiSanta Barbara International Film Festival
    World Premiere Feature Films
    World Premiere Feature Films
    2022Paesi BassiIDFA - Int. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
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