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Antonio Bracco, autore TV, EPK / produttore
  • Autore TV
  • EPK / produttore "making of"
  • giornalista TV
Data di nascita 1974 (49 Anni)


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About Antonio Bracco

Antonio Bracco was blessed since childhood by having a movie theatre in the same building where he grew up. In his early twenties he attended a cinematography school in Genoa learning the basics in storytelling and filmmaking.
After a few years spent abroad, in London and Paris, he settled in Rome to become a film journalist. He worked for the network Coming Soon TV as author, interviewer, video content producer and reporter from Italian and international film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Turin, San Sebastián.
As a freelancer, he has been collaborating with both film production and distribution companies, conceiving and producing video contents focused on film sets for promotional purposes. He is also a moderator for press conferences and events for film and TV shows.

Progetti come autore TV

2017La fabbrica dei sogniReportageLudovico Di MartinoCine Sony [it]

Progetti come EPK / produttore "making of"

2016Mister FelicitàFilmAlessandro SianiCattleya S.r.l. [it]
2013La gente che sta beneFilmFrancesco PatiernoMadeleine s.r.l. [it]
2012Il Principe AbusivoFilmAlessandro SianiCattleya S.r.l. [it]

Progetti in altre attivitą

2001Twisted - Ascolta la canzone del ventoFilmMatteo PetrucciMisami Film [it]ispettore di produzione (unit manager) Piemonte


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ResidenzaItalia - Lazio