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© ITV / Talkback
Émission TV | 2017 | ITV [uk] | Humour | Royaume Uni


    An affectionate and humorous tribute to some of Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness’s favourite movies of all time, The Keith and Paddy Picture Show sees the comedic duo attempt to recreate an iconic film, with help from an all-star celebrity cast.

    Films have included Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, Return of the Jedi, Jaws and Rocky featuring Robbie Williams, Michelle Keegan, Anna Friel, Ant and Dec, Phillip Schofield, Sarah Parish, Stephen Tompkinson and Emma Willis.

    Each half hour episode sees a mix of high-end film parodies and behind-the-scenes mock-doc footage following the boys as they endeavour to bring their recreations to life. What could possibly go wrong?


    Distribution des rôles

    InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
    Keith LemonKeith [RR]Holger Umbreit
    Paddy McGuinnessPaddy [RR]

    Équipe technique

    RéalisateurJamie Deeks
    RéalisateurDan Johnston
    Directrice artistique doublageMarlene Opitzgerman dubbing

    Sociétés de production

    TalkBack Productions [uk]


    Postproduction sonoreStudio Hamburg Synchron GmbH [de]german dubbing

    Diffusions TV

    TypePaysDiffuseurDate / HoraireRemarque
    Première diffusionRoyaume UniITV [uk]samedi 06/05/2017