Mini-série | Épisodes 1-8 | 2019-2020 | HBO [us], Sky [it] | Drame, Récit d'apprentissage | Italie, USA


Début de tournage30/07/2019
Fin de tournage08/01/2020
Lieux de tournageVenice, Bologna, others.

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Numéros d’épisodes1-8

Bandes-annonces / vidéos


Fraser has just moved to an American military base in Veneto. This is where he meets Caitlin, a girl his age. Both are experiencing confusion over their sexual and gender identities. They grow close, help one another out and end up pretending to be in a relationship to avoid pressure from their peers and the outside world. While Caitlin rejects a feminine side she wants no part of and which generates a void between her and her father, Fraser develops a crush for an older guy, Jonathan, who works with his mother Sarah. Their first experiences of love will have an explosive effect on their lives.


Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
Jack Dylan GrazerFraser Wilson [RR]
Jordan Kristine SeamonCaitlin Poythress [RR]
Chloë SevignySarah [RR]
Alice BragaMaggie [RR]
Spence Moore IIDanny Poythress [RR]
Kid CudiRichard Poythress [RR]
Faith AlabiJenny [RR]
Francesca ScorseseBritney [RR]
Ben TaylorSam [RR]
Corey KnightCraig [RR]
Tom MercierJonathan [RR]
Sebastiano PigazziEnrico [RR]

Équipe technique

Cheffe costumière / créatrice de costumesGiulia Piersanti
Chef décorateurElliott Hostetter
Directrice de la photographieFredrik Wenzel
Directeur de la photographieMassimiliano Kuveiller
Directeur de la photographieYorick Le Saux
RéalisateurLuca Guadagnino
Extras coordinatorDaniel Vincenzo Papa De DiosAOSM
Chef monteurMarco Costa
CompositeurDevonté 'Dev' Hynes
Executive producerSean Conway
Executive producerMario Gianani
Executive producerLuca Guadagnino
Executive producerRiccardo Neri
Executive producerNick Hall
Executive producerLorenzo Mieli
Executive producerFrancesco Melzi d’Eril
ShowrunnerLuca Guadagnino
ScénaristeLuca Guadagnino
ScénaristePaolo Giordano
ScénaristeFrancesca Manieri

Sociétés de production

HBO Home Box Office [us]
Wildside [it]

Distribution et vente

Freemantle Media [it]


2020EspagneSan Sebastian Film Festival (Zinemaldia)Première mondiale

Diffusions TV

TypePaysDiffuseurDate / HoraireRemarque
Première diffusionItalieSky [it]vendredi 09/10/2020Sky Atlantic
Première diffusionUSAHBO [us]lundi 14/09/2020

Sortie cinéma

Première mondialedimanche 20/09/2020San Sebastian Film Festival (Zinemaldia) [es]