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Salmon, trout, sea bream, sea bass, and then environment, food security, colonization, land and water grabbing. Until the end of the World is a journey across three continents, following a journalistic investigation into the fish farming industry.
Aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry in the world, promising to be a sustainable solution to feed a growing global population that could reach 9.7 billion people in 2050.
The film, however, exposes a different reality: local communities in different regions are fighting against the expansion of fish farms, accused of polluting pristine waters, grabbing natural resources and even fostering hunger and food insecurity.
(One Earth Doc)

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage / voix offDoublage / voix off
NarratorJames McNeill

Équipe technique

Designer graphiqueValeria Giulianelli
Designer graphiqueAlessandro Tinelli
CadreurEdoardo De Luca
CadreurTommaso Dugato
RéalisateurFrancesco De Augustinis
Chef monteurFrancesco De Augustinis
Compositeur de musique de filmSebastian Boehnke
Designer sonoreLorenzo Briguori
Designer sonoreTommaso Dugato
Opérateur du son (non-fiction)Gianluca Bibiani
Attachée de presseFlorentina Ricciarelli

Sociétés de production

One Earth Doc [it]

Sorties cinéma et premières mondiales

Première mondialejeudi 15/02/2024MAXXI - Rome's National Museum of 21st Century Arts