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Tresses de vie

  • Braids of Life (Titre international)
  • Hunt for Love (Titre de travail)
Film indépendant | 2022-2023 | Comédie dramatique, LGBTQI+ | Belgique

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Durée90 min


A lesbian film that explores the intertwined lives of three characters plagued by dilemmas and difficult choices. Lisa is addicted to gambling and finds herself trapped in a spiral of debt, at risk of losing everything. Meanwhile, Val attempts to recover from a tumultuous relationship while searching for meaning in her life, while Adam struggles with loneliness and despair.
As their lives intersect, the characters find themselves faced with choices that could change their destinies forever. Will they be able to overcome their problems and find happiness? Or will they be overwhelmed by the events around them?

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage / voix offDoublage / voix off
Amandine CarlierLisa [RP]
Violette De GynsVal [RP]
Camille FreychetNoumea [SR]
Florian HéninAdam [SR]
Mara RamdaneAfida [SR]

Équipe technique

Directeur de la photographieLionel Callewaert
RéalisatriceSam Benrive
Chef monteurAitor Lopez
ProductriceSam Benrive
ScénaristeSam Benrive
ScénaristeNicolas Monfort

Sociétés de production

Autoproduction Sam Benrive [be]


TypePaysDiffuseurDate / HoraireRemarque
Première diffusionUSAOML.tv [us]lundi 04/12/2023Worldwide