Somewhere in Central Europe, perhaps in the vicinity of Vienna, in the near future. Ten-year-old Elli is an android, as we soon learn. She takes shape through programming and this turns her into a fantasy figure. Firstly for a man she calls “Daddy” with whom she lies by the pool and for whom she dresses up in the house at the edge of the forest. Elli is the vessel for his memories, which mean nothing to her, but everything to him. One day he runs after a strange echo and gets lost in the darkness while Elli, who follows him, is picked up by strangers. A new identity awaits her, a new ghostly existence – as a blank screen onto which others can project their loss of the paradise that is childhood.

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
Lena WatsonIda [RP]
Dominik WartaGeorg [RP]
Ingrid BurkhardMs. Schikowa [RP]
Jana McKinnonElli [RP]
Susanne GschwendtnerBirgit [SR]
Resi ReinerIxi [SR]

Équipe technique

CascadeuseCornelia DworakStuntdouble Ingrid Burkhard
Chef costumierAndrea Jirez
Cheffe décoratricePia Jaros
Régisseuse d'extérieursVeronika Tupy
Directeur de la photographieTimm Kröger
Maquilleuse-coiffeuseGabi Grünwald
RéalisatriceSandra Wollner
1st AD (local system)Astrid Schäfer
Chef monteurHannes Bruun
CompositeurDavid Schweighart
CompositeurPeter Kutin
Directrice de productionViktoria Stolpe
Directrice de productionAndi G Hess
ProducteurDavid Bohun
ProductriceLixi Frank
CoproductriceAstrid Schäfer
CoproductriceAndi G Hess
CoproducteurTimm Kröger
CoproductriceViktoria Stolpe
ScénaristeRoderick Warich
ScénaristeSandra Wollner
MixeurSimon Peter
Designer sonorePeter Kutin
Chef opérateur du sonJohannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
Chargé de programmeBurkhard AlthoffZDF

Distribution et vente

Cercamon [ae]


CostumesPATIN-A SHOP GmbHKostümequipment


Sandra Wollner2020Berlin International Film Festival [de]Spezialpreis der Juryprix décerné


2020AllemagneBerlinale - Int'l Filmfestspiele BerlinEncounters

Sortie cinéma

Première mondialemardi 25/02/2020Berlinale