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©Filmgalerie 451

The Last City

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    Long-métrage cinéma | 2018-2019 | Allemagne

    Infos générales

    RéalisationHeinz Emigholz
    ScénarioHeinz Emigholz
    ProductionFilmgalerie 451
    Distribution/venteFilmgalerie 451


    Début de tournage05/11/2018
    Fin de tournage17/05/2019
    Jours de tournage30
    Lieux de tournageBe’er Sheva (Israel), Athen (Griechenland), Berlin, Hongkong (China), São Paulo (Brasilien)


    An archaeologist and a weapons designer, who knew each other in a previous life as a filmmaker and a psychoanalyst, meet at an excavation site in the Negev desert and begin a conversation about love and war, which they continue in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. A series of encounters with alternating actors in different roles ensues, which leads the viewer through the cities of Athens, Berlin, Hong Kong and São Paulo. Among those appearing are: an old artist who meets his younger self; a mother who lives with her two grown-up sons, a priest and a policeman; a Chinese and a Japanese woman; a curator and a cosmologist. The protagonists’ dialogues revolve around social taboos that have become obsolete, generational conflicts, war guilt and cosmologies. The architecture of these five cities serves as a third interlocutor in the protagonists’ conversations and completes their philosophical and metaphysical journeys.

    Distribution des rôles

    InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
    John ErdmanArchaeologist [RP]
    Jonathan PerelWeapon designer [RP]
    Susanne SachsseJapanese woman [RP]
    Laurean WagnerDer Polizist [SR]

    Équipe technique

    Administrateur de productionJörg Huke
    2D artistSasa Zivkovic
    ÉtalonneurTill Beckmann
    Chef décorateurUeli Etter
    Directeur de la photographieHeinz Emigholz
    Prise de vues supplémentaireTill Beckmann
    RéalisateurHeinz Emigholz
    Chef monteurTill Beckmann
    Directrice de productionJulia M. Müller
    ProducteurFrieder Schlaich
    ProductriceIrene von Alberti
    ScénaristeHeinz Emigholz
    MixeurJochen Jezussek
    Designer sonoreChristian Obermaier
    Chef opérateur du sonMarkus Ruff

    Sociétés de production

    Filmgalerie 451

    Distribution et vente

    Filmgalerie 451


    CostumesBerlin City CopsPolizei
    CostumesWellenstein zeitgenössische Kostüme GmbH


    Heinz Emigholz2020Berlin International Film Festival [de]Encountersnomination

    Sortie cinéma

    Première mondialemercredi 26/02/2020Berlinale