From a topographic perspective, Ulrike Ottinger’s cinema is mostly located between Berlin and remote places in the Far East or the Far North. In Paris Calligrammes, she explores the landscape of her memories of the city that she called home for 20 years and that helped shape her beginnings as a painter and filmmaker. Ottinger moved to Paris in her twenties and immersed herself in the cultural scene of the 1950s populated by heroes of the avant-garde and a new generation of artists and intellectuals. Meandering between bookshops, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, museums and cafés, Ottinger presents her personal pantheon, and at the same time maps a decisive era both in art – as Dada and Surrealism gave way to Situationism and Pop Art – and in politics where, in-between post-war hopes, the Algerian conflict and the student movements of 1968, there was much to discuss. Nonetheless, the film maintains its intimate stance throughout, assembling a rich and emotionally charged repertoire of film clips, news reports, photos and songs with the same meticulous affection that people used to stick newspaper clippings and photos in a diary so they could write around them.


    Équipe technique

    Cheffe décoratriceAurore Vullierme
    Directrice de la photographieUlrike Ottinger
    RéalisatriceUlrike Ottinger
    Cheffe monteuseAnette Fleming
    ProducteurThomas Kufus
    ProductriceKornelia Theune
    CoproducteurPierre-Olivier Bardet
    CoproducteurGérald Collas
    ScénaristeUlrike Ottinger
    Designer sonoreDetlef A. Schitto
    Chef opérateur du sonTimothée Alazraki
    Chargé de programmeUdo Bremer

    Sociétés de production

    Zero One Film GmbH
    Idéale Audience [fr]


    2020AllemagneBerlin International Film FestivalBerlinale Special

    Sortie cinéma

    Sortie en sallesAllemagnejeudi 05/03/2020
    Avant-premièresamedi 22/02/2020Berlinale Special