The myth of Orpheus is well-known: he returns back to life from the underworld and laments the loss of his love with his music. Alexander Kluge and Khavn, an exceptional duo with explosive power, take this myth as the basis for a genuine revolution. Orpheus’ journey to the realm of the dead to save Eurydice has been failing for millennia and ends fatally. Anyone who wants to give the story a different twist must come up with something new, such as switching the genders. The result is “Orphea”. Determined to do anything for her “Euridiko”, Orphea (superbly played by Lilith Stangenberg) possesses the stirring power of music. Not only does she want to look at her beloved, she is intent on bringing all the dead back to life.

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
Lilith StangenbergOrphea [RP]
John Lloyd Cruz

Équipe technique

Chef décorateurMartin Yambao
Directeur de la photographieThomas Willke
Directeur de la photographieAlbert Banzon
Directeur de la photographieGym Lumbera
RéalisateurAlexander Kluge
RéalisateurKhavn de la Cruz
ProducteurAlexander Kluge
ProducteurStephan Holl
ProductriceAntoinette Köster
ScénaristeKhavn de la Cruz
ScénaristeAlexander Kluge
ScénaristeDouglas Candano
Designer sonoreMikko Quizon

Sociétés de production

Kairos Film [de]
Rapid Eye Movies [de]


Alexander Kluge2020Berlin International Film Festival [de]Encountersnomination

Sortie cinéma

Première mondialemardi 25/02/2020Berlinale