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  • Mater (Titre international)
  • Matriarch (aka Samo zatvori oči / Awakenings) (Titre de travail)
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Long-métrage cinéma | 2017-2019 | Drame | Croatie, France, Serbie


Début de tournage06/11/2017
Fin de tournage06/12/2017
Lieux de tournageKroatien

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JASNA (42) is coming back to pay a visit to her mother ANKA (72), an old, bedridden woman, suffering from cancer. Her initial plan is to stay only for a few days, tidy up the place, and sign the legal papers allowing the forced hospitalization of Anka. But sometimes things aren’t going as planned…


MATER (en. MATRIARCH) is a story of Jasna, a Croatian ex-pat who, due to her mother Anka's declining health, is forced to return to a place she has been avoiding most of her life - her home. The two haven't been in touch for years, but the proximity of death forces them to confront the ghosts of their past - Although the story is focused on Jasna and Anka, it is also a portrait of life in a typical small town in the midst of Mediterranean hinterland. Plunging into the anxieties of the community, MATER subtly uncovers class, status, and gender issues that shape Anka's and Jasna's personalities - their stubbornness, strength, and tragic flaws.

(Jure Pavlovic)

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
Daria LorenciJasna [RP]
Neva RosicAnka [RP]
Soumeya Ferro LuzziMare [SR]
Anka VuckovicNada [SR]
Marijo JurkovicStipe [SR]
Vinko Vukovic LiskaMijo [SR]
Stephan BaumeckerHannes [SR]

Équipe technique

2ème assistant décorateurHani Domazet
Directrice de castingTanja SchuhDeutschland
Directrice de la photographieJana Plećaš
RéalisateurJure Pavlović
Chef monteurDragan von Petrovic
ProducteurJure Pavlović
ProductriceBiljana Tutorov
ProducteurBojan Kanjera
ScénaristeJure Pavlović

Sociétés de production

Sekvenca Production [hr]
Wake Up Films [rs]co-production
Les Productions de l'Œil Sauvage [fr]coproduction

Distribution et vente

Damned Distribution [fr]France


2019EstonieTallinn Black Nights Film FestivalFirst Feature Competition (Nov. 2019)

Sortie cinéma

Première mondialejeudi 21/11/2019Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival