Garage People

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    Documentaire | 2017-2020 | Société, Vie quotidienne | Allemagne

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    Début de tournage26/06/2017
    Fin de tournage20/02/2018
    Jours de tournage30
    Lieux de tournageHalbinsel Kola: Murmansk, Kirovsk und Apatity, Russland


    In post-Soviet Russia there is a phenomenon beyond ice fishing, matryoshkas and vodka: the garage settlement. Seemingly inhospitable tin sheds from the outside, they offer a refuge to a large number of Russians – most of them men. According to their own taste and beyond any rules, with as much ingenuity as tenacity, they create alternative living spaces within a few square metres. Scrap collector Ilja uses the garage as a production site, Roman for his quail breeding, Pavel skilfully carves sculptures of saints and Viktor has added four underground floors to his garage in decades of work. Here you can find everything, and everything seems possible. The garages are an expression of a retreat into privacy, an escape from everyday life. Behind the Arctic Circle, in a rough area dominated by the local mining company as the only employer, the garage remains the last chance for self-fulfillment – and appears as diverse as the dreams of its owners. Source:

    Équipe technique

    Digital film compositorTobias Schreeck
    ÉtalonneurFrank Schumacher
    ÉtalonneurRonney Afortu
    ÉtalonneuseClaudia GittelLead Colorist Kino
    Directeur de la photographieAxel Schneppat
    1er assistant opérateurKonrad Waldmann
    RéalisatriceNatalija Yefimkina
    Chef monteurMarkus Schmidt [4]
    Cheffe monteuseBarbara Toennieshen
    Cheffe monteuseNicole Fischer [1]
    Producteur exécutifJan Philip Lange
    Directeur de post-productionChristian Vennefrohne
    Coordinatrice de productionSvetlana Klyushina
    Assistante de productionEvgenia Tuinova
    Assistant de productionRoman Sobolev
    Chauffeur de productionAlexander Dryhlov
    Chauffeur de productionAndrey Emachev
    Chauffeur de productionNikolaj Jablokov
    Chauffeur de productionSergei Shabanov
    ProductriceAndrea Schütte
    ProducteurDirk Decker
    Assistant des producteurs·tricesLennard Eberlein
    ScénaristeNatalija Yefimkina
    Consultant scénarioSebastian Winkels
    Responsable de rechercheMichail Ryzhov
    Responsable de rechercheSascha Monastyreva
    Designer sonoreRoman Vehlken
    Chef monteur sonPaul Wilke+ Dialog Edit
    Monteur parolesPaul Wilke
    Chef opérateur du sonIvan Arapov
    Chef opérateur du sonAleksej Antonov

    Sociétés de production

    Tamtam Film GmbH

    Distribution et vente

    Rise and Shine World Sales UG [de]


    Postproduction sonoreD-Facto Motion GmbH
    Traitement postprod de l'imageD-Facto Motion GmbH


    Natalija Yefimkina2020Berlin International Film Festival [de]Perspektive Deutsches Kinonomination
    Natalija Yefimkina2020Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin (Berlinale) [de]Heiner-Carow-Preisprix décerné


    2020AllemagneBerlin Film Festival (Berlinale)Perspektive Deutsches Kino

    Sortie cinéma

    Première mondialemercredi 26/02/2020Berlinale