fenestra | ©Alvarenga Productions
©Alvarenga Productions
Moyen-métrage | 2020 | Expérimental, Thriller (Suspense) | Allemagne

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Germany, 2022. The second corona outbreak led to much stricter quarantine measures: No one is allowed to leave their homes, food is delivered through security gates.

The only window to the outside world is "fenestra", a state-controlled program that combines news, service portal and chat program.

Six friends meet daily for breakfast in the video chat. One day one of them is dead. But was it really suicide?

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage et voixDoublage et voix
Gina ChristofMarleen [RP]
Julia GruberZoe [RP]
Julian NiedermeierAdrian [RP]
Mika SingLinda [RP]
Ferdinand AscherRobert [SR]
Julia DomkeNews Anchor [SR]
Lena ErnstAnja [SR]

Équipe technique

RéalisateurDaniel Alvarenga
Chef monteurDaniel Alvarenga
ScénaristeDaniel Alvarenga

Sociétés de production

Alvarenga Productions


2020AllemagneCamgaroo AwardAktuelle Lebensumstände
2020AllemagneFree Independent Film Weekend