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Beben des Seins | © The LOOK Filmproduktion
© The LOOK Filmproduktion
Court-métrage | 2023-2024 | Drame | Allemagne

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Lieux de tournageBerlin
Région(s) ou pays de tournageAllemagne - Berlin

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Ratio d’image16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Support d’image de tournageFilmstream 4:4:4
Type de copie de diffusionFilmstream 4:4:4
Format sondts (5.1, 6 channels)

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No matter how many dreams we cannot achieve or have, there will always be a way to happiness and success, but we just must never give up, not with our minds or in our hearts, not even when we feel lonely or when we know that someone who loves us is beside us to help us overcome. So never let depression or sadness be the motive of life, but keep looking around and search in the darkness for the light you will find it.

The movie is about a character who is a true artist who has always tried to get out of his world in order to find a job as an art lecturer at a university in Berlin. Hannibal Hadid, 39 years old, has reached a psychological and spiritual level where he can no longer stand all these rejections. Where he can no longer find a job or see a solution for himself and his life. Rejection in itself and being rejected seems to be a normal thing in some way, but it is not, it leaves a strong after-effect on us over time in a cumulative process, especially if you are sensitive to something like that. But Hannibal Hadid has his girlfriend, Laura Müller 36 years old, who works as a film producer, who always tries to motivate him after every rejection and to help him get out of his dark thoughts. Because she believes in him, because she knows exactly how beautiful he is as an artist and as a person, and how funny he can be. Because she knows what beauty lies beneath his depressed demeanor. Because she believes, like everyone in this world, that every person deserves a chance to present themselves in the best light and to develop. Hannibal's dream of becoming an art teacher in Berlin was shattered by the rejections. Hannibal lost his self-confidence, became desperate and insecure and gave up his dream, losing his girlfriend and suddenly everything he had left.

What would it be like if our lives went exactly as we wanted them to? Without conflicts and without life experiences; wouldn't that be boring at some point? We would no longer care or be interested in anything, not even do good for others, just because we wouldn't feel the suffering and think from our own point of view that everyone is doing well, even though we see, hear or experience disasters all over the planet every day. But what would it be like if our lives didn't go the way we wanted them to? Would that then be a kind of trap to doom or the door to being a joyful, strong and vibrant human being? These questions are at the heart of the movie.

Distribution des rôles

InterprètesRôlesDoublage / voix offDoublage / voix off
Rebecca Lara MüllerLaura [RP]
Mohammed DiboHannibal [RP]

Équipe technique

Créatrice de costumesMaria Miottke
Directeur de la photographieMoussa Farah
RéalisateurMoussa Farah
Chef monteurMoussa Farah
Compositeur de musique de filmFelix Raffel
Producteur de la musiqueFelix Raffel
ChansonSarah Farah
ScénaristeMoussa Farah
Chef opérateur du sonMotte Motte

Sociétés de production

Moussa Farah Produktion [de]

Sorties cinéma et premières mondiales

Première mondialemardi 11/06/2024