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    Todos los títulos (2)
    Documental | 2021-2023 | Grecia

    Breve sinopsis

    Panellinion is an out-of-place-and-time chess coffeehouse in the center of Athens; a refuge for people who suffocate in everyday life, who despise and fail to adapt in the conditions of modern life. Giannis, the owner of the traditional coffee-house, hates chess and views chess players as creeps. On the other hand he looks upon the regulars as his children:Scientists, artists, retirees, workers who seek outlet and consolation -or obsession that ruined their lives- in chess, make confessions, recall old stories of legendary eccentric customers with tears in their eyes, roister, drink and sing.
    [Alaska Films]

    Ficha técnica

    Director/a de producciónGiorgos Tsakiris
    Colorista (etalonaje)Sakis Bouzanis
    Director/a de fotografía (DoP)Giorgos Koutsaliaris
    DirectorSpyros Mantzavinos
    DirectorKostas Antarachas
    Ayudante de direcciónEleni Tsekeri
    Montador - editorDimitris Polyzos
    Compositor musicalGeorge Kottaridis
    Mezclador de sonidoStelios Koupetoris
    Diseñador de sonidoStelios Koupetoris
    ProductorLeonidas Konstantarakos
    CoproductorNikos Moutselos
    Sonidista (no ficción)George Kerpelis
    Sonidista (no ficción)Nikolas Konstantinou


    Alaska Films


    Spyros Mantzavinos2024Thessaloniki Int. Documentary Festival [gr]
    Mejor Dirección Novel
    Mejor Dirección NovelNominad@
    Kostas Antarachas2024Thessaloniki Int. Documentary Festival [gr]
    Mejor Dirección Novel
    Mejor Dirección NovelNominad@


    2024GreciaThessaloniki Int. Documentary Festival
    Newcomers Competition / World Premiere
    Newcomers Competition / World Premiere

    Estreno en cines

    Preestrenoviernes, 15.03.2024Thessaloniki Int. Documentary Festival