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Largometraje cinemátografico | 2022-2024 | España, Francia, Italia, Mónaco

Breve sinopsis

Based on the best-selling book by Emmanuelle Carrere, “Limonov” depicts the adventures of non-conformist poet and provocateur Eduard Limonov, who grew up in what today is the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. He escaped from what was then the Soviet Union for the U.S., where he became a switchblade-waving punk poet, and also a butler to a Manhattan millionaire before turning into a fashion writer and literary sensation in Paris. After the fall of Communism, Limonov moved back to Russia, where he founded the nostalgic National Bolshevik Party, becoming an idol for many Russian youths.


Actores*actricesNombre del personajeActor*actriz de doblajeLocutor@
Ben WhishawEduard Limonov [PR]
Viktoria MiroshnichenkoElena [PR]
Odin BironEthan [S]

Ficha técnica

Diseño de producciónVlad Ogai
Director de fotografía (DoP)Roman Vasyanov
DirectorKirill Serebrennikov
GuionistaBen Hopkins
GuionistaKirill Serebrennikov
GuionistaPaweł Pawlikowski
Fuente literariaEmmanuel Carrère
Montador - editorYuriy Karikh
Compositor musicalMassimo Pupillo
ProductorIlya Stewart
ProductorLorenzo Gangarossa
ProductorDimitri Rassam
ProductorMario Gianani
Diseñadora de vestuarioTatyana Dolmatovskaya
Coordinadora de intimidadPhiline Janssens

Distribuidoras y agentes de venta

Pathé [fr]
World Sales & France (theatrical)
World Sales & France (theatrical)
Vision Distribution [it]


2024FranciaFestival de Cannes
Official Selection - Competition
Official Selection - Competition

Estreno en cines

Preestrenodomingo, 19.05.2024Festival de Cannes