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In The Shadows

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    Serie de televisión | 2023-2024 | France 2 [fr] | Thriller político | Francia

    Datos del rodaje

    Inicio del rodaje17.04.2023
    Finalización del rodaje02.08.2023
    Localizaciones del rodajeParis, Lille et leurs régions
    Lugar o país del rodajeFrancia - Alta Francia, Francia - Isla de Francia

    Más datos

    Duración por episodio52 min

    Breve sinopsis

    César Casalonga, a political adviser, is devoted to his boss, Paul Francoeur, and is desperate for him to become the President of France. This goal is in sight when Paul snatches the party’s nomination ahead of frontrunner Marie-France Tremeau. But their world turns upside down when they receive an anonymous call saying the primary vote was rigged. To keep their presidential campaign on track, they need to urgently find out who is behind this fraud. However, Francoeur’s subsequent actions make his entourage increasingly paranoid, and even loyal César soon has questions for his boss. As the lies and tensions mount, can the furtive yet ever-resourceful César deal with a party in disarray, as well as some dangerous new characters, to detonate the political landmines and clear a path to victory in this most ruthless of races? Weaving themes of loyalty, sacrifice and betrayal, this fast-paced and gripping political thriller puts the pursuit of power under the microscope and asks just how far people might be willing to go to achieve it.


    Actores*actricesNombre del personajeActor*actriz de doblajeLocutor@
    Swann ArlaudCésar Casalonga [PRR]
    Melvil PoupaudPaul Francœur [PRR]
    Karin ViardMarie-France Trémeau [PRR]
    Évelyne BrochuMarylin [PRR]
    Philippe UchanLe Major [PRR]
    Sofian KhammesTexier [PRR]
    Baptiste Carrion-WeissJérémie Caligny [SR]
    Éric ParadisiDémosthène [SR]
    Maud WylerLeïla Argument [SR]
    Clara AntoonsIris Francoeur [SR]
    Étienne BeydonBenjamin Pinguet [SR]
    Gautier BoxebeldMukki [SR]
    Boris TerralSénateur Pinguet [SR]
    Muriel CombeauOlympe [SR]
    Catherine SaléeLa Walkyrie [SR]
    Manuel SinorMaussane [SR]
    Francesca DomenichiniRoxanne [S]
    Sylvain BaumannFranck Verlin [DR]
    Emmanuelle SchaaffInès [DR]

    Ficha técnica

    1er ayudante de dirección (1stAD)Justine Bosco
    2da ayudante de dirección (2ndAD)Vaiana Serre
    2da ayudante de dirección (2ndAD)Juliette Mascolo
    DecoradoraAgnès Sery
    DirectorGuillaume Senez
    DirectorPierre Schoeller
    ShowrunnerPierre Schoeller
    GuionistaPierre Schoeller
    GuionistaLamara Leprêtre-Habib
    GuionistaCédric Anger
    Fuente literariaÉdouard Philippe
    Fuente literariaGilles Boyer
    Compositora musicalJulie Roué
    ProductoraMarie Masmonteil
    ProductoraMarie Dubas

    Distribuidoras y agentes de venta

    Newen Connect [fr]


    2024FranciaLuxembourg City Film Festival
    International Competition
    International Competition

    Estreno en cines

    Preestrenosábado, 16.03.2024Series Mania [fr]