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    Largometraje cinemátografico | 2022-2023 | Drama | Francia, Rumania, Taiwán

    Breve sinopsis

    Dragoş Binder is committed to making a fiction film about the lives of his parents in the early 80s. These were the most dangerous years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s totalitarian regime. The Securitate controlled and persecuted Romanian society. Their informants collected detailed reports on certain citizens, similar to the KGB, with infiltrated agents in schools, factories, and clinics, among friends, and families.

    Dragoş can’t remember anything about the irreparably broken relationships with his doctor father Emil and mother Valentina. Recently declassified secret archives reopen scary, censored, blackmailed, and manipulated shadows of the past. Stuck between two women, Dragoş is too stubborn to uncover the objective truth behind the love affair between his mother and the swimming instructor Harald Stern, a suspected collaborator with the Government. Obsessed and paranoid Dragoş digs deep for the script, but the excessively unbearable information turns into awkward accusations, humiliating suspicions, buried pain, and hurtful revelations, from which a caring mother always preferred to protect him.


    Actores*actricesNombre del personajeActor*actriz de doblajeLocutor@
    Emanuel PârvuDragoş Binder [PR]
    Iulia LumânareIlinca [PR]
    Adrian TitieniEmil Binder [S]
    Victoria MoraruAlina [S]
    Ana CionteaValeria Binder [S]
    Vlad IvanovHarald Stern [S]
    Lucian IfrimArhivist [S]

    Ficha técnica

    Directora de castingIulia Lumânare
    1er ayudante de dirección (1stAD)Andrei Enoiu
    2do ayudante de dirección (2ndAD)Ami Geger
    2do ayudante de dirección (2ndAD)Mihnea Vonica
    Director de arteNicolae Preda
    Director de arteBogdan Miron
    Director de fotografía (DoP)Andrei Butică
    Director de fotografía (DoP)Barbu Bălășoiu
    DirectorCălin Peter Netzer
    GuionistaIulia Lumânare
    GuionistaCălin Peter Netzer
    Montadora / editoraDana Bunescu
    ProductorCălin Peter Netzer
    Parada Film [ro]
    Parada Film [ro]
    Productor ejecutivoMike Downey
    Productor ejecutivoTheo Nissim
    ProducerOana Iancu
    Parada Film [ro]
    Parada Film [ro]
    CoproductorStefano Centini
    Volos Films [tw]
    Volos Films [tw]
    CoproductoraSophie Erbs
    Cinéma Defacto [fr]
    Cinéma Defacto [fr]
    CoproductorChuti Chang
    Volos Films [tw]
    Volos Films [tw]
    CoproductorPierrick Baudouin
    Gaijin [fr]
    Gaijin [fr]

    Distribuidoras y agentes de venta

    Beta Cinema GmbH
    World Wide Sales
    World Wide Sales


    2023EstoniaTallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF)
    Wolrdwide Premiere
    Wolrdwide Premiere

    Estreno en cines

    Estreno en cinesRumaniaviernes, 26.01.2024Distribuido en Rumanía por Parada Film [ro]
    Preestrenolunes, 13.11.2023PÖFF.27