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Serie de televisión | Capítulos 1-8 | 2018 | Movistar+ [es] | De época, Tragicomedia | España

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Madrid 1961. Ana Mari is a spinster with a limp, a Franco supporter and an instructor in the Women’s Section. At Franco’s orders, Ana Mari is tasked with going to work as a maid at Ava Gardner’s house in order to spy on her. She will have to pretend to be married to Manolo, an opportunist, who will become the American actress’ chauffeur. Manolo will attempt to take advantage of his position in order to pull off his scams involving local gypsy clan and will drag Ana Mari and her schizophrenic brother Floren into his shady dealings. So much so that they will strike up a rather intimate relationship. Together with the young maid Pilar, they will serve at the constant parties that Ava and her circle enjoy on a daily basis as part of the privileged Madrid lifestyle only available to the elite. These parties will end up infuriating the neighbours below, a certain General Perón and his wife Isabelita, recently exiled from Argentina.
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Actores*actricesNombre del personajeActor*actriz de doblajeLocutor@
Inma CuestaAna Mari [PRR]
Paco LeónManolo [PRR]
Debi MazarAva Gardner [PRR]
Anna CastilloPilar [PRR]
Julián VillagránFloren [PRR]
Osmar NúñezJuan Domingo Perón [SR]
Ken AppledornBill Gallagher [SR]
Miren IbargurenLucero [SR]
Britta VoigtBetty Sicre [S]

Ficha técnica

Directora de producciónSandra Hermida
Directora de producciónBegoña Muñoz Corcuera
Diseño de producciónIdoia Esteban
Director de fotografía (DoP)Pau Esteve Birba
DirectorPaco León
DirectoraAnna R. Costa
CreadoraAnna R. Costa
CreadorPaco León
GuionistaAnna R. Costa
GuionistaFernando Perez
GuionistaPaco León
Montador - editorAlberto de Toro
Montadora - editoraAna Álvarez Ossorio
Compositor musicalAle Acosta
Jefe de sonidoSergio Bürmann


Andy Joke [es]

Distribuidoras y agentes de venta

Beta Film GmbH


Servicios de producciónPocket Rocket Films [es]
Making Of
Making Of


Anna R. Costa2019Premiad@


2019FranciaFestival de la fiction TV de La Rochelle
European Competition
European Competition

Emisión en televisión

TipoPaísCanal de televisiónFecha / HoraComentarios
Primera emisiónEspañaMovistar+ [es]jueves, 08.11.2018