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Breve sinopsis

Are you born bad or do you become bad? Mauro (Libero De Rienzo), just over thirty-five, is going to find out at his expense. His ex-girlfriend Samantha (Antonia Liskova), beautiful and sensual, left him for a doctor, but he does not give up. He wants to find a way to win her back, but also to start living again. Destroyed by precarious jobs without prospects and the total absence of a role in society. But among the barracks of Tor Bella Monaca, a difficult district of the Roman suburbs – where Mauro was born and grew up – life is an obstacle course and even a real job is a mirage. So, when two of his friends get into their heads about robbing nothing less than the Chinese mafia, the temptation to get involved is too strong. Improvising bad guys is not a small thing: Romolo (Andrea Sartoretti), Mauro’s brother, knows it well, he is a former criminal who has been fighting for years to win a second chance. And while Mauro’s family, struggling with a tenant and the thousand injustices of nowadays Italy, does everything to hold together, a cruel fate is preparing to play yet another shot. A Tor Bella Monaca non piove mai is an act of love towards a world, degraded yet full of stories, anger and life. (Minerva Pictures - https://www.minervapictures.com/film/a-tor-bella-monaca-non-piove-mai/?lang=en)


Actores*actricesNombre del personajeActor*actriz de doblajeLocutor@
Libero De RienzoMauro [PR]
Andrea SartorettiRomolo [PR]
Antonia LiskovaSamantha [PR]
Lorenza GuerrieriMaria [S]
Fulvia LorenzettiLucia [S]
Giorgio ColangeliGuglielmo [S]
Giordano De PlanoRuggero [S]
Federico TocciCalaja [S]
Gabriel MontesiFabio [S]
Massimiliano RossiCiro [S]

Ficha técnica

Line producerGabriele Guidi
Directora de castingMarita D'Elia
Diseño de producciónPaola Peraro
Director de fotografía (DoP)Federico Annicchiarico
DirectorMarco Bocci
GuionistaMarco Bocci
Jef@ de redacciónAlessandro Bardani
Montador - editorLuigi Mearelli
Compositor musicalEmanuele Frusi
ProductorCarlo D'Ursi
Diseñadora de vestuarioSara Fanelli


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