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underpier: commercial production
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  • Commercial production

    About underpier

    underpier is a stuttgart based film production, which stands for unique commercials. our passion is to work on inspiring projects that shape your vision. we are dedicated to turn your stories into vivid visuals. if you would like to say hello, contact us.

    Movies as production

    2023Kärcher - Mitteldruck (2 Filme)
    RED V-Raptor VV
    CommercialJulian BeckerRED V-Raptor VV
    2023Bott - Ordnung ist dein Leben? Dann komme jetzt in Team (3 Filme)
    ARRI Alexa Mini LF
    Recruiting-VideoJulian BeckerARRI Alexa Mini LF
    2023Bugatti / Adidas - Adidas X Crazyfast BugattiCommercialThomas van Kristen
    2023Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport x MSI
    RED Komodo 6K
    Commercialalok PaleriRED Komodo 6K
    2022Kärcher - Bürstsauger
    ARRI Alexa Mini LF
    CommercialSamuel B. MariaARRI Alexa Mini LF
    2022Remstal - Deutscher Wandertag
    Canon C200
    CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
    2022Festool - TS 60 K
    RED Komodo 6K
    CommercialSamuel B. MariaRED Komodo 6K
    2022Herma - Erleben Sie die vielfältige Herma WeltCorporate FilmJulian Becker
    2021Thomas Heumann Gartenanlagen - When The Night FallsCorporate FilmJulian Becker
    2021Wohninvest - ClichésCommercialJulian Becker
    2020Festool - Planex 2.0
    CommercialJulian BeckerC200
    2020Toni Mogens - Gruß aus der Vergangenheit
    Canon C200
    Music VideoJulian BeckerCanon C200
    2020Joni - Verschwende die ZeitMusic VideoSamuel B. Maria
    2020Herma - InNo-Liner
    Canon C200
    CommercialDominique BragenitzCanon C200
    2020Festool - Bereit. Für das unschlagbare Doppel.
    ARRI Alexa Mini
    CommercialJulian BeckerARRI Alexa Mini
    2020Wohninvest – Sportler 20/21
    RED Dragon-X 6K
    CommercialJulian BeckerRED Dragon-X 6K
    2019Trelleborg - Innovation Center TSS
    Canon C200
    CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
    2019Wohninvest - Kappel & Stäbler
    Canon C200
    CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
    2019Underpier 27 - Western Showreel '19
    RED Raven
    Showreel ProductionLuis KlinkRED Raven
    2019Fler – Sex Money Murder feat. Mosenu
    RED Raven
    Music VideoMultipleRED Raven


    Company data

    Experience abroadNorth Africa: Morocco
    North America: Canada, USA
    East Asia: Japan
    South Africa: South Africa
    Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain
    Southeastern Europe: Greece
    West Asia: Turkey
    Western Europe: France, Ireland
    Date of company foundation2013
    Permanent employees6
    Immediate working areaHead office: Stuttgart