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underpier: commercial production, music video production
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  • Commercial production
  • music video production


Maurizio De Feo
Schorndorfer Straße 3370736  FellbachGermany
Phone+49 711 51095800

About underpier

We are Underpier & we love moving images.

We are dynamic, authentic, reliable – we are always in motion and have been home in the media circus for more than seven years now. Today we look back on more than 350 film productions and look forward to every new challenge!

As a full-service film production, we look after each project holistically and can therefore react quickly to changes in plans, and as an audiovisual service provider we also serve every auditory and cinematic genre. We are particularly proud of our in-house music production, which complements our films with tailor-made music.

We manage our projects from the edge of the "Stuttgarter Kessel” and over the past years we developed a network we trust. Have a look at our Pier and let’s talk about upcoming projects, enjoying an original Italian coffee.

Movies as production

2023Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport x MSICommercialalok Paleri
2022Herma - Erleben Sie die vielfältige Herma WeltCorporate FilmJulian Becker
2021Wohninvest - ClichésCommercialJulian Becker
2020Festool - Planex 2.0
CommercialJulian BeckerC200
2020Toni Mogens - Gruß aus der Vergangenheit
Canon C200
Music VideoJulian BeckerCanon C200
2020Joni - Verschwende die ZeitMusic VideoSamuel B. Maria
2020Herma - InNo-Liner
Canon C200
CommercialDominique BragenitzCanon C200
2020Festool - Bereit. Für das unschlagbare Doppel.CommercialJulian Becker
2020Wohninvest – Sportler 20/21
RED Dragon-X 6K
CommercialJulian BeckerRED Dragon-X 6K
2019Trelleborg - Innovation Center TSS
Canon C200
CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
2019Wohninvest - Kappel & Stäbler
Canon C200
CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
2019Underpier 27 - Western Showreel '19
RED Raven
Showreel ProductionLuis KlinkRED Raven
2019Fler – Sex Money Murder feat. MosenuMusic VideoMultiple
2019Chark - In-car Delivery
ARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss Ultra Primes
CommercialJulian BeckerARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss Ultra Primes
2019Mercedes-Benz - EQ After Sales Services
ARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss Ultra Primes
CommercialJulian BeckerARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss Ultra Primes
2018Vanessa Mai feat. Olexesh - Wir 2 immer 1
Music VideoMultiplediv.
2018Mahle MPulse - Les Ateliers Paul Bracq and the Mercedes Pagoda
Canon C200
CommercialJulian BeckerCanon C200
2018Wohninvest - Wi-Academy. Startup Campus
RED Raven
CommercialJan WittekindtRED Raven
2016Polizeiakademie Hessen - Recruiting
Arri Alexa Mini
Recruiting-VideoJan WittekindtArri Alexa Mini


Company data

Experience abroadNorth Africa: Morocco
North America: Canada, USA
East Asia: Japan
South Africa: South Africa
Southern Europe: Spain
Southeastern Europe: Greece
West Asia: Turkey
Western Europe: France, Ireland
Date of company foundation2013
Permanent employees7
Immediate working areaHead office: Stuttgart