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pyro.labs Berlin: camera-drones 10-25 kg, Aerial Shooting, Aircrafts (Grip), Model Construction, Props Construction, Set Construction, SFX Special Effects (general)
  • Camera-drones 10-25 kg
  • Aerial Shooting
  • Aircrafts (Grip)
  • Model Construction
  • Props Construction
  • Set Construction
  • SFX Special Effects (general)


S. L. Lutz
Wasgenstraße 75/1314129  BerlinGermany
Mobile+49 177 2777373
Phone+49 30 67512751
Fax+49 30 263917303454

About pyro.labs Berlin

Since 1996 we're developing practical visual effects and props for the entertainment industry with our interdisciplinary team.

From a silver ring to a computer-controlled eycatcher made from 1600 toy dogs - whether from wood, fabric, metal, ceramic & plastics - with a switch or with ten thousand lines of code - above the clouds, on the ground or under water.

What ever you want - we build it or offer advice to you...

UAV construction and aerial cinematography

Remote controlled multirotor drones offer a wide range of shooting options, minimal space requirements and a fraction of the costs compared to a motion-controlled crane or helicopter. This gives you the freedom to shoot at more locations per day, to achieve that "impossible shot”, to quickly react to script changes – all within a fixed budget. We have also successfully used our systems for special effects work, simulation of helicopter downwash, nighttime searchlight scenes, dropping props from above etc.

We offer R&D of UAVs for in front or behind the camera application - from tiny FPV to XXl multicopters

Film projects

Airframes, FX prop building, vehicle conversion
TV Series, NetflixIsabel BraakZeitsprung Pictures GmbH (formerly Zeitsprung Entertainment GmbH)Airframes, FX prop building, vehicle conversion
2023Happy Birthday Tabaluga!
Concept and construction of a mechatronic easter egg
TV-Event, SAT.1Ladislaus KiralyBildergarten Entertainment GmbHConcept and construction of a mechatronic easter egg
Building of a vomit rig
Feature FilmMatthias GlasnerPort au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbHBuilding of a vomit rig
2022Die unlangweiligste Schule der Welt
Anfertigung Schienenfahrzeug und Roboterarme
Feature FilmEkrem ErgünStorming Donkey Productions GmbH & Co. KGAnfertigung Schienenfahrzeug und Roboterarme
2022Helgoland 513
Anfertigung Stuntkatapult
TV Series, Sky [de]Robert SchwentkeUFA FictionAnfertigung Stuntkatapult
Anfertigung Kampfroboter
TV Series, SWR [de]David GruschkaDCM Pictures GmbHAnfertigung Kampfroboter
2022Capser - Alles war schön und nichts tat weh
Music VideoChris SchwarzEklat Tonträger [de]Feuereffekte
2022Montez - Weinst Du
Music VideoAndjani Autumn GatzweilerKillyourdarlings - Briem, Göler & KrätschmerRegeneffekte
2022Rammstein - Adieu
Building replica weapons, building stunt weapons
Music VideoSpecter BerlinDissidence Production [fr]Building replica weapons, building stunt weapons
2022Google - Pixel GP7
Anfertigung Campingdusche
CommercialMackenzie SheppardBonaparte Films GmbHAnfertigung Campingdusche
2022DB Cargo / Rock am Ring – Müssen wir laut werden?
Div. Feuereffekte
CommercialCarlo OppermannFischerAppelt, Play GmbHDiv. Feuereffekte
2022Fler - Immer noch Aggro
Replica Tesla Cybertruck
Music VideoSpecter BerlinPanamono GmbHReplica Tesla Cybertruck
2022AOK - Telefonzelle (WT)
Regen- und Nebeleffekte
CommercialFabian EpeCobblestone FilmproduktionRegen- und Nebeleffekte
2022Zalando x Adidas - HiitCommercialPaul WardStink GmbH
2022Zalando x Adidas - Hiit
Rain effects
CommercialPaul WardStink GmbHRain effects
2022Kaufland - Sido's Beste
CommercialGeorg von MitzlaffIt's us Media GmbHAnfertigung
2022Kontra K - Gib mir kein' Grund
Div. Spezialeffekte
Music VideoSpecter BerlinPanamono GmbHDiv. Spezialeffekte
2022DKB - Banking mit gutem Gewissen
Robot arm
CommercialNils Kellersoup.filmproduktion GmbHRobot arm
2021Witch Hunt (WT)
Div. Spezialeffekte
Short FilmLauren PringleLauren Pringle Produktion [de]Div. Spezialeffekte
2021Casper - TNT
Misc. special effects
Music VideoMaximilian WiedenhoferZauberberg Productions GmbHMisc. special effects

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2023Show production40 Jahre TabalugaDesign and construction of stage mechanicsBildergarten Entertainment GmbH für Prosieben Sat 1 Media AG
2019Show productionEye of the Tiger - Tour background videoSFX dust effectsDavid Garret
2018Show productionParkway Drive - Europa Tour 2018Design and construction of stage mechanicsParkway Drive
2022live musicCasper - Livestream AlbumreleasePlanning and execution general SFXEklat Tonträger GmbH
2021Exhibition constructionArt Basel - MiamiBeratung, RealisationWynwood Walls
2017Exhibition constructiondocumenta 14 - El ObjetivoBeratung, Entwurf, RealisationRegina Jose Galindo
2015EventG7 Gipfel Schloß ElmauProduction of lecternsBundespresseamt
2013ExhibitionCebit - Deutsche TelekomFunctional model factory 2.0Deutsche Telekom AG
2013fashion showMichalsky StyleNiteTechnical supportMichalsky Holding GmbH
2011ExhibitionBread and Butter - Mustang JeansFabrication rotating displayMustang Jeans
2007Exhibition constructionPlanet ProzessDiv. technische DienstleistungenArtitude e.V.

Company data

Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu
Central Europe: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland
North Africa: Egypt, Morocco
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Sweden
East Africa: Malawi
South Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Thailand
Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria, Greece
West Asia: United Arab Emirates
Western Europe: England, France, Ireland
Date of company foundation1996
Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin