Documentary | 2002

    Brief synopsis

    Female rape victims of various wars and the children resulting from these heinous crimes talk about their experiences. Adopted as an infant by a Canadian couple, Ryan was discovered during a trip to Bangladesh, his country of origin. His father was a Pakistani soldier who raped Ryan’s mother during the war of independence. In Korea, Mrs. Chung admits to her 55-year-old son that she became pregnant with him when she served as a "comfort woman" in an Imperial Japanese Army brothel during the Second World War. In Rwanda, Savera raised her daughter with love, even though she was the product of a gang rape during a period of genocide. Bosnian Nusreta was able to abort after being a victim of repeated rapes in a concentration camp. The result of a rape during the civil war in Nicaragua, Hailing has formed a bond with his father in spite of the pain this causes his mother, who raised him.


    Director's DepartmentdirectorRaymonde Provencher
    EditingeditorAube Foglia
    Editingassistant editorKatrin SchmidPublikumspreis des internation

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    Macumba International Inc.

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    Film Transit Int.