Image Film | 2009

Shooting data


Project data

Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Picture material negativeSuper 35
Picture material positiveHDCAM


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyFrank Sprung
    Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Andy Löv
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Matthias 'Mattes' BochSteadicam
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Martin Bethge
    Camera Department1st assistant camera Jens WenzelB-Cam HDCAM
    Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technician Thomas Stührk6x F900R
    Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technician Christian Steidten
    Director's DepartmentdirectorThomas Zeisse
    Director's Department1st assistant directorPhilip Haferbusch
    Editingeditor Nina SchleyMaking Of

    Production companies

    Zeisse Filmproduktion GmbH [de]


    Department CompanyComment
    CameraCameras and Utilities Xinetix steadicam rental GmbHOP: Andy Löv
    CameraCameras and UtilitiesChroma Film & TV GmbH & Co. KG
    CameraCameras and Utilities CINEGATE GmbH
    CameraGripServicevision BIS S.L. [es]