Feature Film | 2008

Project data

Length of movie90'
Picture material negative35mm
Picture material positive35mm

    Brief synopsis

    A young Woman with a baby and a freshly broken nose steps out of a taxi in the middle of a traffic jam on the bridge and throws herself off of the bridge, leaving the baby behind.
    This suicide attempt connects three witnesses. The taxi driver Gavrilo (40) is stuck with the baby; the high school teacher Anica's (36) trauma of her run-over son is evoked; and the pharmacist Biljana (30) realizes that she does not want to marry her well-off fiancé, and runs away.
    While Gavrilo searches the hospitals for the unknown Woman, Anica discovers that one of her students is the son of the driver who has killed her child. Biljana visits the brother of her first love, a man who has died long ago. He is married and a priest.
    All of them experience a clash with impossible love: Gavrilo, an asocial misanthrope, fights for the life of the woman in a coma ? becoming a ?stepfather?; Anica discovers how to overcome hatred through the teenager?s feelings towards her; and Biljana discovers too late that the brother of her first love was ?the right one?.
    But, for each one of them an impossible love will save a life?
    In the end the Woman with the broken nose will be by Gavrilo?s bedside, fighting for his life.???


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Polizist [SR]Karl-Fred Müller


    director of photographyGoran Volarević
    costume designerNenad Lipanović
    wardrobeRomy PittelkauDrehzeit in Deutschland
    directorSrdan Koljevic
    best boyBenjamin HirlingerCrew Deutschland
    electricianHenryk Olk
    composerMario Schneider
    art directorDavid ThummererDeutschland
    set decoratorMax SchmigallaDeutschland
    construction coordinatorRené ZetzschkeErfurt/ MCA
    location scoutHolger MöbesDeutschlandteil
    set builderChristian EndersThüringen
    set builderDaniel Langeumbau krankenhaus erfurt
    unit production managerNicole Zscherny
    location managerOlaf Kirbach
    set runnerDavid Segler(Team Deutschland/Erfurt)
    production driverHolger Möbes
    production driverTorsten Kuxdorf
    adr recordistTino Hohndorfdeutsche Vollsynchronfassung
    coloristClaudia GittelLead Colorist

    Production companies

    Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion


    Extras/Bit PlayerAgentur filmissimo Inh. Antje MewsKomparserie/Kleindarsteller
    Production Servicesfilmissimo CateringCatering