water is my eye
Short Feature Film | 2007 | Animation

    Brief synopsis

    In a mysterious cathedral, the sacred water drop is touched, giving birth to the man and woman. Separeted, they fell in love.
    "They pass through the different stages of love, from naïve becoming aware of their sexuality, over the heat of desire, to pure violence and death."


    Director's DepartmentdirectorSven Heck
    Director's DepartmentdirectorAlexandra Zühlke
    Director's Departmentstoryboard artistAlexandra Zühlke
    EditingeditorSven Heck
    Production Designart directorAlexandra ZühlkeArt Direction, Animation, Modeling
    ScreenplayIdeaSven Heck
    ScreenplayIdeaAlexandra Zühlke
    ScreenplayStorySven Heck
    ScreenplayStoryAlexandra Zühlke
    Sound Post Productionsupervising sound editorSven Heck