Short Feature Film | 2007 | Great Britain

Main data

DirectorRory Rooney
Written byRory Rooney
ProductionMustard London [uk]

Project data

Length of movie25

    Brief synopsis

    Harvey, a twenty-something, shy and retiring office clerk, acquires a mysterious and involuntary compulsion to perform outlandish magic tricks that are entirely against his normally reserved character. Harvey’s increasingly anti-social condition sees him get fired from his job, dumped by his once diehard mates and written off by his bullish girlfriend, Lisa. This rare affliction soon attracts the ominous attentions of creepy and inept Harley Street specialist, Dr Hook, who sets about discovering a cure for this “Illusionitis” and get his name in the medicine books forever! But countless tests reveal little about Harvey’s condition. At an all-time-low, Harvey begins using his newfound magical skills for his own end and things go from bad to worse. Can Dr Hook cure him before the magic turns blac


    Director's DepartmentdirectorRory Rooney
    Production Mgt.production coordinatorAnnie Mosebach
    ScreenplayscreenwriterRory Rooney

    Production companies

    Mustard London [uk]