The Errand of Angels

  • Diary of a Sister Missionary (Working title)
Feature Film | 2007 | Drama | USA

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LocationsGraz, Wien

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Length of movie90


  • THE ERRAND OF ANGELS - R: Christian Vuissa - 2007
  • The Errand of Angels - R: Christian Vuissa - 2007

Brief synopsis

Rachel Taylor comes to Austria to serve a mission for the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She begins her journey with high
ideals and low language skills. Through her challenges with the culture, the
cuisine, and a companion from another place, she is able to find meaning
behind the very beliefs she has set forth to share. The Errand of Angels is
a moving experience of a young woman's spiritual journey in the picturesque
country of Austria. From happiness to sadness to anger to peace, with enough
awkwardness along the way to keep us laughing, the film explores Rachel¹s
growth as she finds love for those less lovable and learns the true purpose
of her mission.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Erin ChambersSister Taylor [L]
Rachel EmmersSister Young [L]
 Daniela Ilian
Sister Zahn [SR]
Dina KabeleSchwester Jäger [SR]
Maria LasslWoman with Cookies [SR]
 Inge MauxSchwester Wagner [SR]
Ashley MunnsChristine (as Gigi Ashley Munns) [SR]
 Vlasto PeyitchMan with Cookies [SR]
 Bettina SchwarzSister Keller [SR]
 Maria StaribacherWoman [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyBrian Wilcox
Director's DepartmentdirectorChristian Vuissa
Production Designproduction designerJoshua Ligairi
ScreenplayscreenwriterChristian Vuissa
ScreenplayStoryHeidi Johnson

Production companies

Caffeine Free Productions [us]
Mirror Films [us]