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Forbrydelsen / The Crime

  • Kommissarin Lund - Das Verbrechen (German title)
  • Historien om et mord / The Killing (Working title)
TV Movie (multi-part) | 2006 | Drama, Whodunit | Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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Length of movie10

Brief synopsis

This series is a police drama from Denmark. As the show starts, an investigator from the Homicide department of the police force begins her last day at the job before moving to Stockholm. Fortunately for the viewer, it is not an uneventful day. A top politician campaigning for the municipal leadership of Copenhagen is linked to a heinous crime involving a Vesterbro-family.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Lars MikkelsenTroels Hartmann [L] Matthias Klie
Bjarne HenriksenTheis Birk Larsen [SR]
 Mette LysdahlPige i sorggruppe [SR]
 Peter PilegaardKommissar [SR] Matthias Kupfer


Director's DepartmentdirectorBirger Larsen
Director's DepartmentdirectorKristoffer Nyholm
Further CrewDVD AuthorRavel RowghaniQC BluRay

Production companies

DR Danmarks Radio TV [dk]
ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen [de]Koproduzent