Feature Film | 2000 | Great Britain

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Shooting data

LocationsBrighton, East Sussex, England, UK

Project data

Length of movie90'

    Brief synopsis

    Uncared for by the community, Rick, recently mad, is looking for somewhere warm to commit suicide. Instead he finds George, a downtrodden doormat of a man, recently separated. In turn they stumble upon the smouldering, embittered, man-mountain that is Joe, recently bereaved. One game of pool and several drinks later these three disparate men are thrown together on a journey no-one wants to take, to a destination no-one believes exists, chased by a man no-one should meet - Then there's the Hippies, George's ex-wife, a robbery, drugs, amputation, muggings, Brownies, the Police, explosions and this really, really gorgeous girl.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Tony BlutoRick [SR]
    Stephen MarcusJoe [SR]
    Ken SharrockGeorge [SR]


    director of photographyRiki Butland
    casting directorAmy MacLean
    directorLloyd Stanton
    set dresserBritta Koch
    screenwriterStephen Marcus
    screenwriterTony Bluto

    Production companies

    Enterprise Films [uk]