TV Movie (multi-part) | 2007 | Action, Drama | Italy

Main data

DirectorMichele Soavi
Written byDonato Carrisi
ProductionTaodue [it]

Project data

Length of movie2 x 100'

    Brief synopsis

    A terrorist attack succeed to kill 24 Italians participating to the peace keeping mission "Antica Babilonia". It has not importance what that group of brave and professional soldiers (and civilians)did to help the local population, the Al Qaeda supporters had already take their decision. A truck full of high power explosive break into the headquarters just the day before the shift change.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Raoul BovaStefano Carboni [SR]
    Claudia PandolfiSimona Berti [SR]


    director of photographyGiovanni Mammolotti
    still photographer Delia Woehlert
    directorMichele Soavi
    editorAlessandro Heffler
    screenwriterDonato Carrisi

    Production companies

    Taodue [it]