Image Film | 2003

Main data

Project data

Length of movie16 min

    Brief synopsis

    Six young people on the edge to the world after school.
    Decisions have to be made and not erverybody is able
    to takes his live in its own hands.


    director of photographyHelmut Wimmer
    1st assistant cameraTill Sündermann
    2nd assistant cameraAlda Maria RühlS16
    directorRalph Loop
    1st assistant directorNoemi Ivic
    producerHeiko Wolfes
    set decoratorDagmar Steinhoff
    unit production managerMicha Baumann
    unit managerPhilipp Wolfes
    location managerCaroline Morel
    production assistant Wladik Subow

    Production companies

     PanFilm Wolfes KG