Short Film | 2007 | Drama | Great Britain

Shooting data

Number of shooting days8

Project data

Length of movie14min
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Picture material negative35mm
Picture material positive35mm
Sound formatDolby SR (4 Kanšle)

Brief synopsis

East Berlin 1986, Anna, a young dissident boards the train to the West. But the Stasi can come any time and take her away before she reaches the border.

Ost Berlin 1986, Anna, eine junge DDR Dissidentin im Zug nach drüben. The Stasi kann jederzeit auftauchen bevor sie die Grenze erreicht.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Stefanie PittMUTTER [SR]
 Marie-Ernestine WorchANNA [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyRomi Aboulafia
Director's DepartmentdirectorKatrin Magrowitz
EditingeditorRoss Halliday
MusiccomposerRajeev Morabito
Producerproducer Susanne Kapitzky
Production Designart directorVali Mahlouji
Production Designassistant to propmaster /- buyer Uwe KramerRecherche hist.Requisiten

Production companies

LFS The London Film School [uk]