Skilled ein Film von Raymond Boy | © peter albaum / raymond boy
Short Film | 1998-1999 | Thriller | Germany

Brief synopsis

Karla and her guys, a group of assasins are conducting a job for their syndicate The Family. It was supposed to be a routine job. But this time everything is going wrong.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Bernhard BauerBert [SR]
Ingo HaebJorgo [SR]
 Iris MinichKarla [SR]
Detlev RedingerVertreter [SR]
 Gernot SchmidtNullzwei [SR]
Gerrit Schmidt-FoßNullzwei [SR]


Accounting Dept.production accountant Antje Paul
Camera Departmentdirector of photographyDirk Steinmeyer
Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Christof Wahl
Director's Departmentdirector Raymond Boy
Production Designconcept artist Michaela Schumann
Production Mgt.unit production managerChristof Groos
Screenplayscreenwriter Raymond Boy

Production companies

Barbarella Entertainment GmbH