Feature Film | 2007

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Start of shooting05.06.2007
End of shooting18.06.2007

Brief synopsis

Inbetween is the story of a young man, Jan, who is trying to escape from his involvement with an international criminal organization. Set in early nineteen nineties London, it is as much a moody psychological drama and bleak vision of modern culture as it is a crime story or intimate dialogue on the nature of love, obsession, and the human soul. Jan backs out of a plot when he sees a photo of a mysterious woman and then takes refuge with a young slacker couple in London, Martin and Liisi. Jan then begins to use his former girl friend Rosalyn – or is she using him? – to get at Luinstra, the head of the gang, while he also develops relationships with Martin and Liisi. Jan becomes obsessed with meeting the woman in the photo, a local singer, while Martin sinks into paranoid delusions, convinced that Zhirinovsky is plotting the overthrow of Europe, and Liisi goes on a voyage to Burma to fulfill a vow she once made to her deceased father. The story comes to a riveting crescendo in front of the British parliament. Like former successes Performance and The Crying Game, but with the raw energy of Naked, Inbetween portrays a dark underworld of crime against a dreamy, almost hallucinatory counter-world in which each character is locked in a universe of their own personal obsessions.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Michael ChateauLuinstra [L]
David RichterMartin [SR]


Director's DepartmentdirectorDavid Antonelli

Production companies

La Toyson D`OR Films Inc.