Short Film | 2006 | Arthouse | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days15
Filming regionsGermany - North Rhine-Westphalia

Project data

Length of movie65min

Brief synopsis

Rudi grows up happily among sheep on a green meadow. At some point, he decides he has to live among "his own kind" and sets off for the city to meet the people. He meets all kinds of people and painfully gets to know the abysses of the real world. In the end, he must decide where he belongs.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Stella Denis-WinklerRhea [L]
Marie-Christine FriedrichAnnabelle [L]
Sebastian BrummerRemus [L]
Thorsten BrameierRudi [L]
Carsten KellerKurt Kronen [L]
Thees Uhlmannas himself [GS]
Anita FrickerMoni [SR]
Rainer KleinespelLudger [BP]
Valeska WeberFrau Sommer [BP]


Director of photographySimon Dolensky
Casting directorSabine Rassau
Casting directorStella Denis-Winkler
DirectorStella Denis-Winkler
EditorNeil Peterson
ScreenwriterStella Denis-Winkler
ScreenwriterAnita Fricker

Production companies

Ausser Atem Film
Filmwerkstatt Münster [de]


CastingRDW Casting