Documentary | 2006 | Disaster, Nature-Environment, Politics, Society | Germany

    Brief synopsis

    On August 29, hurricane Katrina made landfall in southern Louisiana. In its wake, some 1000 people were killed and nearly half a million displaced. Thanks to global 24-hour media coverage, many of us were sitting comfortably in the safety of our living rooms, while this catastrophe was slowly developing in front of our very eyes. New Orleans was going under, and people were either drowning in the flooded city or dehydrating, stranded on their roofs in the scorching.Filmmakers Grueso and Gröning found themselves asking: If the area affected by the hurricane was larger than England, why was no one reporting on what occurred outside of the city? Was it a question of not having access to rural areas? Or, were these areas simply forgotten? This feature documentary is a journey through the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and into the path of hurricane Rita. A story of discovery through southern Louisiana.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyStéphane M. Grueso
    Director's DepartmentdirectorStéphane M. Grueso
    Director's DepartmentdirectorJoanna Gröning
    EditingeditorStéphane M. Grueso
    EditingeditorJoanna Gröning
    MusiccomposerRon Spielman

    Production companies

    Gröning Grueso Filmprodukton GbR