Brief synopsis

    A story about a man who has reached the end of the road and, in a time of change and new hope, realises that after leading a life of crime the price of redemption may ultimately be too high.

    Mikey is a small-time gangster who runs a successful table dancing club and he's about to radically change his life. He's been on a personal development course and it's high time to re-evaluate his life experience and change himself into a better person.

    But someone else is also looking for him right now - a killer with a contract out on him. Mikey knows that the killer is in a club that evening, waiting for the ideal moment to strike and he must put all his personal plans on hold and deal with this life threatening crisis. Mikey decides to cleverly turn the tables on the killer and hold everyone in the club hostage.

    Using techniques he has learnt on his life-changing course, he begins to seek out the identity of his mysterious assassin. Although Mikey may be able to deal with his killer in the club that night he may not be able to eventually deal with himself.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyStewart Mackay
    Camera Departmentstill photographerRegina Schmidt
    Director's DepartmentdirectorAlex Shaida
    EditingeditorMark Grant

    Production companies

    Make Believe Productions [uk]