Documentary (Mini Series) | 2005 | BBC [uk] | Great Britain

    Brief synopsis

    Two x One hour programmes for BBC2, presented by Boris Johnson, MP, Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Writer, Journalist and recent Editor of The Spectator.

    In this two part series we want to find out how the Romans actually ran Europe and compare and contrast their methods to those of the present day European project. He asks what lessons can we learn, in terms of the running of the European Union today? How did the Roman Empire make all its peoples desire to be "Roman"? Can we persuade Europe's 456 million people to become "European"? To what extent can, or indeed should Europe become an economic, political, social or cultural union?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Boris JohnsonModerator [SR]


    Director's DepartmentdirectorDavid Jeffcock
    Production Mgt.assistant production manager Moritz Grenzebach
    Production Mgt.assistant production managerNima Kianzad

    Production companies

    Tiger Aspect Productions [uk]