Iggy And The Stooges DVD-Cover | ©MRA Entertainment
Music Video | 2005 | Music

Shooting data

Number of shooting days3
LocationsLokerse Festival in Lokeren, Belgien; Miami/USA

Project data

Length of movie1h 5min
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 Kanäle)

    Brief synopsis

    Remix des legendären Konzertes von "Iggy And The Stooges" auf dem Lokerse Festival 2005 in Lokeren, Belgien.


    studio camera operator Daniel Quack
    studio camera operatorKevin Matweew
    studio camera operator Deniz Güneyler
    eng camera Deniz Güneyler
    director Daniel Quack
    editor Deniz GüneylerSchnitt Doku im Bonusmaterial
    editor Daniel Quack

    Production companies

    ABC Entertainment GmbH [de]