Feature Film | 2005 | France

    Brief synopsis

    In Casablanca, city of contrast, a modern and archaic city.
    Kamel, is a hired killer, who recieves his orders by internet. He usually calls Souad to make love after his hits and, each time, Kenza answers the phone. She directs the traffic in the mornings around the city’s largest traffic island. Kamel soon finds himself falling in love with her voice and look after her. Hicham, a professional hacker who dreams of going to Europe, accidentally infiltrates Kamel’s orders.


    Accounting Dept.production accountant Claudia Coreen Kaiserfür den deutschen Teil
    Director's DepartmentdirectorFaouzi Bensaidi
    ProducerproducerJohannes Rexin
    ScreenplayscreenwriterFaouzi Bensaidi
    Sound Post Productionsound re-recording mixerTobias Fleig
    Sound Post Productionadr recordist Alexander WeuffenSRD Mischung deutsche Fassung
    Visual Effectsdigital film compositor Dirk Frischmuth

    Production companies

    Gloria Films [fr]
     Heimatfilm GmbH + CO KG