TV-Show | 2006 | VIVA | Youth | Germany

Project data

Broadcast datetäglich


    vision mixerAxel Ludewig
    cable bearerAlexander Maus
    director of photography Florian Licht
    director of photography Alexander Viehl
    studio camera operator Arev Karpert
    studio camera operator Bernhard Beutler
    directorChristoph Charitou
    directorKirsten Senn
    1st assistant director René Skade
    1st assistant directorJeannine NewieDaily Live Show
    freelance producerIris BlockCvD
    set manager / 3rd ADSteffen HuhleSet-AL & Regieassistent
    commissioning editorMatthias KowalskiCvD// Daily Live Show

    Production companies

    MTV Networks Germany GmbH