Short Film | 2021-2022 | Drama, Music, Period, Third Reich / National Socialism, War | Germany
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Shooting data

Number of shooting days10
LocationsLudwigsfelde, Gramzow

Project data

Length of movie30 Min.

Brief synopsis

Ukraine during the German occupation in 1943. 12-year-old orphan Mitka earns a living in a tavern under a false name by playing music every night for the mainly German guests. He is accompanied in his playing on the violin by the pianist Yegor. Even beyond the music, he tries to be a friend and mentor to the boy. Mitka, however, finds it difficult to accept the budding friendship. This is because none of the people involved has any idea that Mitka belongs to a Jewish partisan movement. Therefore, it was no coincidence that Mitka entered the inn weeks ago, but the possibility of smuggling explosives into the inn through him in order to detonate them at a convenient time. When a Standartenführer appropriates the inn for a visit by high-ranking officers, the moment for revenge seems to have arrived. However, something now comes to the forefront that Mitka has suppressed during the weeks of preparation; Yegor. Mitka begins to struggle with himself and the impending attack. After all, any bystanders are a tolerable, if not necessary, sacrifice for the partisans. Soon, Mitka is wrestling not only with anger over the murder of his family by the Nazis, but also with a deep need to spare Yegor.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Anton KrymskiyMitka [L]
Peter MikluszAugust Seeger [L]
Rostyslav BomeArtem [SR]
Jurij RosstalnyjAndriy [SR]
Jevgenij SitochinYegor [SR]
Irina UsovaOleksandra [SR]
Markus GläserOffizier 3 [BP]
Andreas PapeOffizier 2 [BP]
Ralf ZillmannOffizier 4 [BP]
Johann ZürnerOffizier 1 [BP]


Director of photographyLeonard Frederic Caspari2x ARRI Mini LF + Zeiss Standard & High Speeds (Full Frame - Cinemascope)
Additional photographyPeter Bromme
Steadicam operatorStefan Baltz
Steadicam operatorLasse Liebelt
1st assistant cameraSamuel Lay
1st assistant cameraTobias BosseckA-Kamera ARRI Mini LF + Zeiss Standard, Zeiss High Speeds
2nd assistant cameraVincent Schulist
2nd assistant cameraKriti Dale
Data wrangler / digital loaderMarian Hofmann
Costume designerLaura Jasmin Schäffler
Assistant costume designerColine Cisar
Assistant costume designerGreta Ismaili
DirectorAndreas Kessler
1st AD (local system)Georg Mikis Rees
2nd AD crowd (local system)Marina Gerber
Script continuitySaladin Herborn
EditorChristoph Hans
GafferKarl Neubart
GafferPhillip Kozuch
Lighting technician / electricianPhilip Jagdschian
Makeup artist / hair stylistRosana Oschwald
Assistant makeup artistSarah Jill Wälisch
ComposerEge Ateslioglu
ProducerJanick Gootz
ProducerMax Breuer
Production managerMaximilian Gebhardt
Assistant production managerJoanina Beil
Set runnerNico Kühn
ScreenwriterFabien Virayie
Dialogue translationNadiia Yunatska
Production sound mixerBjarne Taurnier
Boom operatorLennard Meyermann
Boom operatorSamuel Krupke
Boom operatorRachel Oker
Sound supervisorBjarne Taurnier
Sound designerBjarne Taurnier
Foley artistFrederic Hellmann
PyrotechnistRalf Fremy
PyrotechnistSandra Dödens
Child supervisorJoanina Beil
Hygiene officerSaladin Herborn
InterpreterMarina Gerber
Supporting professor / coachPeter Kuczinski