Short Film | 2020-2021 | Spain
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Main data

Brief synopsis

Lovebirds is a film about the desire to touch in a world where you can’t do it. So it´s a film about yearnings.
Lovebird is happening in a tourist resort where usually you see full of people but in the shortfilm there will not be.
It´s a strong humanist film with sense of humor, strange ambient and mood.
An retro tourist resort, a brutalist architecture surrounded by palms and bananas trees.
It´s a retro-sciencie fiction, a dystopian world close to ours. Imagine that our world will be like the days of holidays in "Blade runner" with strange sense of humor.
For me is very important the looks, the gesture, the movement and, of course, the words...
Bettina is a tourist worker; the guardian of this world.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Christiane DollmannBettina [L]
Nicola PedrozziFrancesco [L]


DirectorVictor Moreno

Production companies

Kinopravda [es]